Packaging Prototypes – What Options are offered in Packaging Industry?

Packaging Prototypes
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Everyone wants to enhance their sales and influence their potential customers to buy their products. When it comes to compelling potential customers to buy a product, there are many factors involved. Packaging of the product is one of the top factors to influence a customer’s purchasing decision. A creative and functional packaging conveys more than just the information about the product inside. If you want your products to stand out and compel consumers, you need to find the right packaging design, which starts with prototyping.

Importance of prototyping

Prototyping is one of the essential parts of package designing. If you want the product packaging to align with your brand effectively, you need to ensure that every single detail is perfect. Prototypes can be used to provide just that. You can make sure that the packaging design meets the standards and your brand requirements. Not only that, but you can also check the structural integrity. 

These prototypes provide you with many options to choose from. You can select one of these options that perfectly matches your idea and brand identity. With the help of these prototypes, you can also assess the impact of a particular design on a consumer.

Prototyping Options Offered in Packaging Industry

When it comes to packaging prototypes, there are several options available in the market. They can be either physical or virtual. From simple as a sketch to physical models, prototypes are available in two basic types that further have several other options.

Virtual Prototypes

Virtual prototypes are widely used in the packaging industry. With the help of virtual prototypes, you can explore many ideas and options without spending much money. They can be either 2D sketches or 3D models created using the CAD system. Although with virtual prototypes, you cannot test the physical attributes of the packaging, you can check out a lot of other properties at a low price. You can get a fair bit of an idea about how the design will look like and what you can expect to get. 2 types of virtual prototypes are available;

  • 2D Sketches
  • 3D Models

2D Sketches

2D sketches are the basic and simplest form of prototypes. You just need a pen and paper, and you are ready to explore various options for your packaging. This prototyping option is the most economical and least time-consuming. However, it does not provide a 3D view of your package.

3D Models

3D models take 2D sketches a bit further. With the help of CAD systems, you can make 3D models of your packaging and see what your package will look like. Compared to 2D sketches, it can be expensive, but it is cost-effective and easy on the pocket compared to other prototyping options.

Physical Prototypes

Physical prototypes are used when every detail matters, from color tone to shape and size. They are more finished prototypes compared to virtual and give you a physical representation of your package. There are three types of physical prototyping option available in the market; 

  • 3D mockups
  • 3D printed models
  • Prototyping unit tool

3D Mockups

3D mockups are physical prototypes made from cheap material to give an idea of the size and shape of the package. However, because of cheaper material, these prototypes don’t represent the exact colors.

3D Printed Models

With the help of a 3D printer and a 3D model file, you can get 3D printed models. These models of your prototype can give you an exact idea of what colors you can expect from your packages. However, limited colors are available, and the quality of models doesn’t represent the same quality as the product.

Prototyping Unit Tool

If you want to know and show your potential customers the exact form of your packages, the prototyping unit tool is the way to go. It creates the exact copy of the final product as it is made using the same techniques of production units. Everything is the same, from size to shape to even the texture and material, as everything is taken into account for this prototype.

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