Why is Corrugated Material the First Choice Of Many Brands?

Corrugated Boxes Material
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Packaging is one of the most important things for a business. It does not only affect their sales but also ensures the safety of their products. Thus, you need to make sure that you choose the suitable material for your packaging to ensure the success of your business. There are several packaging materials available in the market that have their specific benefits and drawbacks. But, if you are looking for the most efficient and reliable option, corrugated boxes are on top. 

Corrugated is a popular and versatile material. It can cater to a wide range of packaging needs. From a small box to ship a smartphone to the box large enough for a refrigerator, corrugated boxes can meet all your needs.

Corrugated boxes are usually made of three layers, including two outer layers and one fluted layer sandwiched between them. The fluted layer between the outer layers gives corrugated boxes strength.

Why Corrugated Packaging?

In case you might be asking yourself why corrugated packaging should be your first choice, here is why. Let’s discuss what corrugated boxes offer in detail to give you a clear picture of why they should be your top choice.

It Offers Amazing Strength

When it comes to strength and durability, corrugated is one of the top packaging materials that are highly durable and strong. It offers sustainability and can be of great help for long-distance shipping. Moreover, because of the strength and durability it offers, you can stack multiple boxes. But, the strength of the boxes depends upon the flute used. The most common flutes used in corrugated boxes are A, B, C, E, and F. A is the largest flute, and it is ideal for extra stacking strength.

You can even increase the strength of your corrugated box by adding an extra layer of flute and an outer layer. These double-wall boxes are used for heavier products. You can even choose between the two board grades to meet the stacking strength you require.

It Provides Extra Protection

As corrugated boxes are stronger than cardboard boxes, they give extra protection to the product inside. Because of the thickness, they act as a cushion for the product inside and protect it during shipping and handling. You can even increase the thickness of your box with the help of using different flutes. Even if that’s not enough, you can add more layers to ensure the protection of fragile items. Corrugated boxes also keep the product safe from moisture and bacteria.

Offers A Ton Of Customizations

From the size and thickness of the box to printing and finishes, corrugated boxes are highly customizable. If you are on the lookout for bespoke packaging, this is the best option for you. If you are looking for a packaging option for a TV, it can provide you with a premium and elegant feel while ensuring protection. Not just that, it even gives you the ability to personalize the strength of the box to meet your product requirement.

Is A Cost-Effective Way To Go

You might be thinking; if strength and customizability are concerned, rigid boxes can provide both. Rigid boxes can provide enough strength and give better customization options. Yes, they do! But here comes the main factor that makes corrugated boxes a better choice. Compared to rigid boxes, they are lower in price. They are some of the most inexpensive packaging materials in the market. You do not need to spend high labor costs or need expensive machinery to manufacture these boxes.

Lightweight – You’ll Be Saving Shipping Costs

The weight of the box is another significant edge corrugated boxes have over other packaging materials, especially rigid. These boxes are lightweight, which makes them convenient for customers. Moreover, being lightweight also means you can save some shipping costs. Thus, by opting for corrugated boxes, you can reduce the weight without compromising the protection of your product.

Bottom Line

Corrugated packaging offers numerous benefits at a very reasonable price. They are easy to handle, can protect your products, are cost-effective, and give a luxury feel to your packaging. No matter what business you are doing or what product you are selling, corrugated boxes can be helpful.

If you need assistance in finding the right type of corrugated box for your product or need to know more about what these boxes offer, you can get in touch with Buy Product Boxes’ friendly customer care representatives. They will provide you with all the information you need and help you get the perfect packaging.

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