Artwork Guidelines

Creating impeccable custom packaging can be equated to crafting a culinary masterpiece; the right ingredients are pivotal. Our artwork guidelines serve as this essential checklist, ensuring your design journey remains fluid and devoid of hiccups.

Moreover, to further facilitate this process, we provide complimentary in-house design assistance to all our clientele. Should you need an expert's touch, rest assured, we're here for you.

Let’s dive in.

File Formats:

For optimal clarity and precision, please submit artwork in the following formats:

  • Vector files: AI (Adobe Illustrator), EPS or PDF.
  • If providing raster images: PSD (Adobe Photoshop) or TIFF, with a minimum resolution of 300dpi at the final print size.

Color Specifications:

  • All artwork should be provided in CMYK color mode.
  • If specific Pantone colors are required, please specify them clearly.

Fonts and Typography:

  • Outline or rasterize all fonts before submission.
  • Ensure legibility, especially for vital information, by choosing clear and appropriately sized fonts.

Bleeds and Safety Margins:

  • Include a bleed of at least 0.125 inches around your design.
  • Important graphics or text should be placed at least 0.25 inches away from the edge to avoid being cut off.

Design Simplicity:

  • While intricate designs can be beautiful, ensure they don’t overshadow product details or branding.
  • Limit the use of extremely light colors as they may not print clearly on certain materials.


  • Prior to submission, cross-check your designs for any errors, misalignments, or color discrepancies.
  • We will also provide a digital proof for approval before proceeding to production, ensuring no detail is overlooked.

Barcodes and Legal Requirements:

  • Ensure barcodes are clear, scannable, and meet industry standards.
  • Adhere to any legal or industry-specific requirements for labeling, warnings, or information.

Revisions and Updates:

  • If you make revisions to your initial submission, please ensure to clearly label newer versions to avoid confusion.
  • Inform our design team immediately of any changes or updates.

Remember: Designing packaging is both an art and a science. While our guidelines provide a roadmap, your creativity is the driving force. And always know, when in doubt, our dedicated design team is just a call or email away, ready to assist.

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